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The Acrostic Is One Of the Most Interesting Types of Puzzles Around

If you have taken a look at the Sunday edition of your local newspaper then maybe you might notice an acrostic next to the extra-large crossword puzzle in a supplement. This might look intimidating to some people, what with the way how it looks different from a traditional crossword. However, it is not all that hard to do when you understand it. In fact, you just might find quite a bit of fun out of this type of puzzle if you know how to do it the right way.

The acrostic is a type of puzzle that is unique when compared to so many others. In this puzzle, you are given a grid that features a number of words and some numbers that correlate to different spaces. You will also get a series of clues that you have to answer. When you enter in a clue the right way then you will have to fill in the letters in the grid based on the numbers that these are to belong in.

Over time, you can fill in the grid and get the words to be filled out. This will create a quotation that you will have to figure out. The first letters of the clues that you have will typically spell out the name of the person who said that quote and the subject. It makes for a special type of puzzle that can be as challenging to complete as it is fun.

How Was This Formed?

This type of puzzle was first found in the Saturday Review in the 1930s. Created by Elizabeth Kingsley, the acrostic was designed to be a more free-form type of crossword in that the main theme comes from the quote subject and who said it. The full spelling of the quote will be critical for the way how it all works.

It took a while for the acrostic to become more commonplace but the puzzle was particularly popular in Sunday editions of the New York Times as Kingsley and Thomas Middleton among many other people created these puzzles. Since then, more newspapers are using them and today many puzzle magazines will have a few acrostics in them.

What Makes It Special?

This is a type of puzzle that can really highlight some unique, wise or humorous sayings. In addition, it can really challenge the brain and help people to think about how to figure out letter patterns in partially-filled words and to use them as clues for other words that need to be filled out. The fact that there are no limits as to how such a puzzle can be created is special too. The key is to get a few clues filled in and to then get the words in the quote filled to where you might have more letters to use for clues, thus giving you an easier shot with solving some options.

The acrostic is very special when it comes to puzzles and games. It is fascinating to see how this puzzle is designed to create a quote and how it can be organized to set up something is different from what you might expect.

Battleship Is More Than a Board Game…It’s a Puzzle Too

When people think about the Battleship game they think about the famous Milton-Bradley board game that requires strategy. However, there is another Battleship game worth taking a look at. This different Battleship game is one that features a grid that you will have to use on your own in order to figure out which ships go where on that said grid. It is very easy to discover this game but it can be a challenge depending on the difficulty of the puzzle.

How Battleship Works

Battleship is a game that works with a few points:

  • First, it has a 10×10 grid to play with. This is the basic grid format that should not be all that hard to use and makes for more than enough space to ensure that it will set up the game the right way.
  • Second, there are a series of ships that you will have to fill in. You will typically have four ships that cover one square, three ships for two squares, two ships with three squares and one ship that can handle four squares. These ships must be placed in a horizontal or vertical arrangement and they cannot directly border any other ship in the grid regardless of where they are placed.
  • A series of numbers will be on the sides of the grid. These show how many squares in a row or column are to be filled. For instance, if a row can handle three ship squares then it could handle a three-square ship or a two-square ship and part of another ship heading in a different direction among many other opportunities.
  • Sometimes a square will already be filled with wavy water. This is to state that this box will not be one that a ship or part of a ship can be placed in.

The goal is to figure out just where the ten ships will go on the grid. This is all based on the clues that are listed on the grid and the need to place them properly without any of them directly bordering one another.

This game can range in difficulty from easy to hard. Sometimes a puzzle will have one or two ships already filled in to make it easier. In other cases the player will have to use plenty of mental elbow grease to try and figure out where different items can go.

It’s a Relatively New Game

The game of Battleship is rather new in that it was first introduced in 1982 in the Humor y Juegos magazine in Argentina. Over the years, Battleship became more popular as it was being exported to many parts of the world. Today the game can be found in many puzzle magazines. Some puzzle books are exclusively devoted to the game as well. The game has even been played in the World Puzzle Championship.

The Battleship puzzle game has plenty of rules but it is a game that is rather fun and easy to enjoy. It does not take much to learn how to play but it will be tough to master it. It’s no wonder why the game is so popular.

Interesting Monopoly Rules To Take a Look At

You might be interested in the ways how Monopoly can be played. While you can always use the same traditional rules that have been used for generations, you can mix things up a bit at your next Monopoly game by using a few special rules.

Change Free Parking Around

You can make the Free Parking space one that is actually worthwhile. That is, any fees that are paid to the bank can be placed at the Free Parking spot. Whoever lands on the spot will collect all that money. This could be worth thousands depending on the game.

Allow Free Properties At the Start

One interesting part of the game may be to allow different properties to be given out at the start of a match. For instance, two or three properties can be given out to the players at the start. These will have to be taken at random without anyone having the right to choose whatever they want. This is to create some kind of strategy and to potentially shorten the game in general.

Allow for Hostile Takeovers

You can also set up hostile takeovers in a game. This is where one player can pay a large premium over the original value of the property that one wants in the event that another player already owns it. This is to allow for the player to have a little more power over decisions for taking in properties but it may also result in conflicts depending on the conditions of trying to get the property.

Control Jail Rules

One problem with going to jail in Monopoly is that a player can easily get out by paying $50. However, rules can be used to restrict the points for how one can get out of jail. A person could be limited to either using a Get Out Of Jail Free card or rolling doubles. If a person does not roll doubles after three or more tries then that person can be released. This is to ensure that whoever is stuck in jail will be kept out of the game for a proper period of time. It also makes it all the more important for a player to avoid jail in order to have a better shot at actually winning in this game no matter what other rules may be added.

Remove Dollar Bills

If you have an older Monopoly game then you could always remove the dollar bills from the game. This can work in that you may get singles out and round up all costs to the nearest $5 or $10 value. This makes it so the stakes may be a little higher while also allowing the game to run a little faster. If this is used properly then it will not be all that hard to make the game work as needed.

Of course, you can always create your own Monopoly rules if you want. These rules listed here are just basic suggestions that you can use in order to make a game more interesting. The ways how Monopoly can be played are interesting to spot and if you control the game right then you can really have some fun with it.